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 Shadowed Heart

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PostSubject: Shadowed Heart   Tue May 31, 2011 10:36 am

Shadowed Heart
© 2009 – 2011

Pre-Chapter: Prologue

There was a looming shadow moving over the dark forest giving it an ominous feature. Through the trees, running was heard and a faint figure hidden by shadows moved past the trees.

Suddenly, the noise stopped.

"You may come out now, I know you're here." A voice said, sounding wise yet there was a hint of malice behind it, once the last word slipped out; a figure emerged from the shadows appearing to stare at the trees.

"No I'm not." Another voice called, the voice sounded playful and mischievous.

"I’m not here to play games." The first voice said again, the voice was stern this time.

"Of course, but I rather stay up here." The second voice said, you could almost hear laughing in the tone.

"Well, anyways, how is the research going?" The first voice asked, not bothering to continue arguing with the second voice.

"Research? What research?" The second voice asked, obviously confused.

"What do you think? What is your report on the boy?" The first voice asked again, slightly annoyed.

"Oh that!" The second voice announced as if he just discovered gold, "Ah, nothing unusual yet... What'd you want me to do? It's just a boy, honestly..." The second voice replied.

"Just keep watching him. I believe something will come up soon." The first voice said, a faint glow coming from an object with red eyes that appeared to be held by the same figure who had just spoken, almost as if to emphasise its point.

"Alright, so I shall be off again?" The second voice asked, almost impatiently as its figure appeared to be about to head off.

"Not really, before you go…" He said, trailing off to point to another shadowy figure that seemed more feminine. "I'm sending her with you." He told the second figure.
"Uh… why does she have to come too?" It asked annoyed.

"To look after you." The third figure said with a laugh to her tone.

"Ugh… fine, but I don't need anyone to look after me." The first voice growled, leaping off with the third figure trailing behind it.

Inside a house, another figure awoke groaning in confusion and frustration.

"A dream? That was weird… what the heck where those people talking about?" The figure looked at the clock, it read 7:30am.

"Oh man, I've gotta go! School starts today!" The figure got up and ran out of the room it was in, apparently to get ready.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowed Heart   Tue May 31, 2011 2:16 pm

Wow, this is really good, Domino! I'm thinking of maybe writing a story... I'm not sure if the prologue will turn out as good as yours, though! I hope your write more soon!
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowed Heart   Tue May 31, 2011 2:35 pm

Awesome prologue Dom! I like your use of word choice it certainly painted a picture of what it might be like in my head x3 Interested to see what who the mysterious figures you kept concealed were c:
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowed Heart   Tue May 31, 2011 2:39 pm

Yeah... i'll be impatiently waiting for the next chapter! So exited... It looks so good!
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowed Heart   Tue May 31, 2011 5:49 pm

Thanks for the comments guys! I'm glad you like the story so far. ^^ Here's chapter 2;

Chapter 1: Summer's over and School is beginning.

The bell signalling school was done for the day had just rung, and everyone was rushing home as fast as they physically could. Except for 5 individuals, who were gathered around one area of the school yard, chatting.

The first one was named Tony; he was one of those late bloomers, so he looked 12 years old. In reality, he was 14 and just starting high school; unlike most of his friends though Tony loved school. Every year he would try to get scholarships, and nearly freaked out if he got an answer wrong on a quiz. His favourite class was English, well, except for this year. This year was a little different, his old teacher had to go on maternity leave which meant that a replacement had to be called in; due to this Tony had a very rough first day. Why? The new teacher the School board had highered was named Ms. Plutapus, in which Tony kept mispronouncing as Ms.Platypus. Right now, the 14 year old was studying notes.

"So Tony, why do you spend so much time on that stuff? There's other stuff to worry about yah know, more impotently life." Said the voice of another one in the group, her name was Erika. Erika was 16 years old, one of the oldest of the group; she wore blue jeans, a dark blue turtle neck, and black boots, her eyes where an emerald green and her hair was chestnut in color. Around Erika's neck, was a golden necklace with a crystal in the center. Earlier, Tony had complained on how he was going to 'loose marks' because he kept pronouncing his teacher's name wrong. Personally, Erika thought he'd be just fine since his favourite past time was studying.

"Well, I want to get a really good education so that I can enter a field that I have a passion to work in for the future." Said person replied, he had a look in his eyes that gave off the air of 'I'm going to start rambling soon if you don't shut me up.'

Before the conversation could get out of hand, another boy around the age of 15 named Kyle cut in. This one wore ragged cameo pants, green goggles on his head, which he said was a present from his brother, and red sneakers. He had grey eyes, and smooth black hair; despite the way he looked this boy was rather snobbish.
"Oh shut up Tony! No one wants to hear your silly rant." Kyle grumbled, eyes darting into Tony's. The girl who had originally started up the conversation sighed, wondering why Kyle had to act so rude to him when all he was doing was answering a question.

"So, Kyle, how was your summer vacation?" She suddenly said in hopes of stopping Kyle from going too far and beating up the poor kid. Fortunately, it worked.
"Well, since dad is an Archaeologist…"Kyle started, giving a smirk in the process.”We got to investigate an ancient ruin in Egypt, it was awesome. You can check it out at the museum downtown."

"Kyle… Erika asked a question that doesn't mean you can be a snob. Or a brat." Another voice stated, it was also feminine but younger than Erika's was. A younger girl walked by, looking at Kyle with a hint of discuss. She had blond hair, green eyes and had on a lavender skirt, with a matching dark purple shirt; her name was Emmy and was 10. She was Erika's sister, and had wondered over to her older Siblings school since her's was close by.

"Erika, teach your sister some manners and to keep unwanted comments to herself." Stated the annoyed voice of Kyle, who was now crossing his arms and glaring back at Emmy.

"Well, I would, but only if you stop being a Hypocrite." Erika said, which nearly made Kyle fall down.
"WHAT?" Kyle yelled in disbelieve, him, a Hypocrite? Never…

"Oh dear lord, I leave you alone for a few minutes and you guys are already starting an argument." came the voice of the last group member, Daniel.

Daniel wore a thick red hoodie, with a black T-shirt underneath. His eyes where an icy blue, and his hair was ebony black with silver bangs, which were obviously died that way, his age was 17; also one of the oldest.
"Hey Dan!" Called out Erika as she walked over to him, not wanting to be near Kyle right now… I wonder why.

"So, it's the first day of school so that means peace and quiet won’t last for very long. Want to have a bon fire at my place around eight? I'll bring the marshmallows." The blue-eyed boy continued, hopefully they'll be able to have some fun before homework started barging in.

"Sorry Danny, I have to go and study how to pronounce Ms.P-Pla-Plu, Uh my teacher's name properly." Tony announced with a slight stammer, getting up and starting to walk home.

Daniel stood there blinking for several moments, before shaking his head and saying "Oh Tony, you'll never change… You really need to get a life. Anyways, anyone else want to come?"

Later that night…

The foursome where sitting around a campfire, currently Kyle and Emmy where fighting over the marshmallows. Daniel was sitting on the grass, looking up at the sky while Erika watched Kyle and her sister to make sure they didn't harm themselves.

"So, I guess Tony didn't come after all. I wonder where he is." Erika spoke up, this caused Kyle and Emmy to freeze for a moment and look up at the brunette.

"Probably at home, worrying about his teacher's name, and trying to find a life. Which, he probably won’t find. Ever." Kyle replied, stealing a marshmallow from the now half open bag. Emmy looked back at him, "But seriously, where is he? He hasn't missed out on our get-to-gethers over the summer." She asked, her glare was still firmly on him. As Kyle had opened his mouth to reply, he was cut short by another voice.

"He’s probably worrying about his teacher's name." It said, coming over from the direction Daniel was in. "if you're all so worried about him though, I'll go and try to convince him over here. Just don't try to fight while I'm gone." Daniel now started standing up and giving a short look towards Emmy and Kyle before heading back into the house.

During the time Daniel had set out, the gang had decided that if neither came back by 10. They’d set out to look for them before going home, night time was always dangerous in the streets. So you never knew what could happen.

Meanwhile, Daniel was in an alleyway heading towards his friend’s house. It was a familiar rout, and the fastest way to get there was cutting through this alley.

That’s when Daniel heard a noise coming from somewhere, almost like a twig snapping or kicking of a rock. “Must be a cat, there are a ton of those here.” He stated to himself, shrugging the sound off as that. But, he was wrong.

It happened really fast. He saw a figure but didn’t have time to scream as it hit him in his head with some sort of bat, knocking him out cold.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowed Heart   Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:27 am

Love it so far!

I'll be follwing this. =3
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowed Heart   Thu Jun 02, 2011 1:54 pm

Nice story so far, Dom c: I'll definitely be keeping up with this ~
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowed Heart   

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Shadowed Heart
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